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When a person becomes highly dependent on intoxicants in order to get through daily life, the substance abuse problem can become ruinous. Substance abuse issues that are left untreated can lead to a personal crisis of major proportions. It’s not uncommon for a person who is using intoxicants regularly to become incapacitated and unable to carry out their usual responsibilities. Ultimately, this kind of problem can lead to job loss, divorce, and financial ruin. Sadly, these kinds of problems are being seen all across the US, as substance abuse becomes a major epidemic in cities and towns.

Today, drug rehab centers are opening all across the US to deal with the problem of substance abuse. New Life Wellness substance abuse treatment facility in Greenville, South Carolina, is one of the addiction recovery centers dedicated to helping people become sober and happy again. Our centers use a dual diagnosis program for treating both the substance abuse as well as underlying mental health disorders. By treating both issues, the odds of a full recovery are much higher.

Entering Treatment

When a client enters the drug rehab facility for treatment, a counselor will give them an evaluation and work up an individualized plan for addiction care. This plan will include a combination of counseling, health care services, and detoxification. Once the plan is set, the client will undergo detoxification at our Greenville addiction recovery center.

Detoxification in the Addiction Recovery Facility

A full detox from drugs and alcohol is the first step in the recovery process. Since people who have been using a steady stream of intoxicants may experience withdrawal symptoms once the drug intake stops, they will be continually supervised by a licensed healthcare professional during detox. Symptoms of withdrawal can include vomiting, fevers, shakes, diarrhea and anxiety, so it is important that the client be monitored and supported to ensure their safety. Once the detox is complete, the counseling sessions at the addiction treatment center in Greenville will begin.

Counseling at the Addiction Treatment Facility

Clients will undergo extensive counseling, one-on-one with a therapist and in a group setting, in order to address the psychological issues that may be affecting their substance abuse issues. Clients are encouraged to enter into counseling with openness to the process and a willingness to be honest about their personal situation, fears and issues. The group therapy setting offers an opportunity for each client to support the other recovery members and to share their experiences with them as well.

As well as therapy sessions, clients will also be encouraged to take part in activities at the drug rehab clinic in Greenville that will help them engage more fully in their sober life. Events like nature hikes, art therapy classes, and yoga can be stimulating both physically and mentally, helping the client engage with themselves in others in ways they may not have been able to while using drugs. These activities offer a way to fully connect again, and to embrace the possibilities of life as a sober person.

Aftercare Planning

Once treatment at the addiction recovery program has been completed, it’s important for the client to have an aftercare program in place that will allow them to continue their recovery as an outpatient. A counselor at the clinic will work with the client to create an aftercare program, which may include enrollment in a sober living home with other recovering clients. Ongoing counseling sessions are also recommended, as well as attendance at twelve-step meetings.

When it’s time to embrace recovery, talk to a counselor at the drug treatment center in Greenville, South Carolina. Don’t wait to begin healing, call today.

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