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Healing in Fayetteville, GA

Today there’s an addiction crisis happening in the United States, and it’s happening throughout the country, in small communities and urban centers. The crisis is about substance abuse, and it’s a problem that is spiraling out of control across the nation. Whether a person is using drugs or alcohol, a compulsive need to be continually intoxicated can lead a person into a state in which they are no longer able to take care of their everyday responsibilities, becoming dependent on the substance. Left untreated, this type of substance abuse can lead to the loss of a career, a reputation, family, and health. In response to this crisis, drug rehab centers are opening all across the country.

It’s been found that the best treatment for a serious substance abuse is in-patient care in a substance abuse treatment facility. Clients who are provided dual diagnosis care, where the client is treated not only for substance abuse but for associated mental health disorders. New Life Wellness drug rehab facility in Fayetteville, Georgia is a center that uses dual diagnosis treatment and is dedicated to bringing people with substance abuse into lasting recovery.

Entering Treatment

When a person enters our addiction recovery center in Fayetteville, they will be given an initial evaluation. This will help the counselor on the case develop an individualized treatment plan that will help treat the whole person. This plan will be a combination of one-on-one and group counseling, healthcare treatment, and detox. Once the plan has been set, the detox process will begin.

Detox for Addiction Recovery

The detoxification process will remove the drugs and alcohol from the client’s system under the supervision of a licensed healthcare professional. When a person stops a steady intake of intoxicants, they may suffer from withdrawal symptoms, which can include shaking, sweating, anxiety, fevers, vomiting and diarrhea. The ongoing support the client receives will ensure that they remain safe during the process. Once detox is over at the Fayetteville addiction treatment center, counseling will begin.

Counseling in the Addiction Treatment Facility

Clients will undergo regular one-on-one or group counseling sessions during treatment at the Fayetteville addiction recovery program, which will allow them to openly deal with the psychological issues that may be driving the addiction. Clients will be encouraged to speak freely and offer support to other members of the recovery group as they share experiences.

Along with counseling, clients will also be encouraged to take part in group activities that are mentally and physically engaging and can include hiking, nature exploration, art therapy classes, and yoga. These activities will help the client become more actively engaged in life, and take part in activities that will help them connect more fully with their recovery community and themselves. These are the kinds of experiences that are often abandoned as a person sinks deeply into substance abuse, which is why they are as meaningful as recovery continues.

Aftercare Options

Once the client has completed their full course of treatment, a plan for aftercare must be created. A counselor at the Fayetteville drug rehab clinic will help the client create a plan, which may include enrolling in a group home that supports others who are in recovery. Ongoing counseling sessions are also strongly recommended, as well as twelve-step meetings.

When it’s time to move beyond substance abuse issues and into recovery, it’s time to call a clinic that has the tools to help. Call New Life Wellness for a consultation at our addiction recovery facility in Fayetteville, Georgia to let the healing begin.

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