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The consequences of drug and alcohol addiction are felt by millions of men and women worldwide. Very few people are not affected by someone in the family, a close friend or fellow worker, who is not dependent on drugs or alcohol. If you are one of these men and women and have decided it's time to get your life back, congratulations, you have already taken the first step towards recovery. It is a process. Correctly conducted, your chances of attaining addiction recovery are significantly enhanced. While there are many drug rehab centers available, they are not all the same; choosing an addiction treatment facility that can best meet your needs is imperative. Look no further. The New Life Wellness Center and our drug rehab facility in North Hollywood, California.

Most individuals entering a drug rehab facility require detox, which is the process of treating the client's physical dependency on drugs or alcohol, and is accomplished by eliminating the physical dependence. The process can take a few days or in some cases a few weeks. Detox for some can be very uncomfortable, sweating, nausea, vomiting, and irritability are among the symptoms. It is pivotal that the facility you choose has a proper drug detox clinic. Supervised Detox at our North Hollywood rehab means you will have 24/7 attention from trained staff who will help you through this difficult period safely and as comfortably as possible.

Unfortunately, it is not unusual for a drug addict or alcoholic to suffer from mental illness as well as substance abuse. This condition is known as dual diagnosis, and when combined with drug or alcohol addiction, these issues will only worsen. Therefore, they must be treated as part of the recovery program. Mental and emotional disorders will be identified and dealt with by the counselors and staff at the substance abuse treatment facility in North Hollywood. Recognizing and treating dual diagnosis symptoms is a critical step in the recovery process.

The addiction recovery facility you choose must be clean, kept tidy, while offering a secure environment. A proper atmosphere is essential to a successful recovery program, for many clients the recovery facility is the first place where they have felt safe and welcome in a long time. Clients often receive specific assignments such as vacuuming, dusting, and general cleaning, which encourages fellowship, a sense of responsibility, and promotes interaction between clients. These elements are an important part of any successful addiction recovery program. Clients who help one another through friendship, kindness, and encouragement become a part of each other’s support group.

Our North Hollywood addiction recovery facility offers clients the opportunity to speak freely about issues they have been hesitant to discuss because of fear of not being understood, or of possible ridicule. One of the first things a client will realize is the fact they are not alone in their feelings and misery. Before long with proper counseling, sharing their thoughts and experiences in meetings, the client will begin to realize they are not unique in their situation. While newcomers are almost always hesitant in the beginning, it doesn't take long before they start to look forward to one on one counseling sessions, group meetings and the fellowship they will find in the recovery process.

There are many options when it comes to choosing the right addiction treatment center; but you only get the kind of care you need at our drug rehab in North Hollywood. There are certain things you should look for before deciding on a treatment clinic where you feel you will be comfortable and receive the best care. Organizations with more than one substance abuse treatment facility are more likely to have the experience and expertise to create a plan tailored to each client. New Life Wellness has facilities all over the country.

Aftercare is vital to your long-term recovery. After completing your stay at the addiction treatment center in North Hollywood, enjoying your new life and maintaining your program by attending AA or NA meetings on a regular basis will help you keep the sobriety you have worked so hard to attain. Open meetings are available after you leave. Choosing the right addiction recovery center, one that offers the services we have described above will start you on the path to sobriety and all the good things that come with it. You have found what you need at New Life addiction recovery center in North Hollywood.

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